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Like many of us, we go through personal transformations and in 2020 was one of the most gigantic changes that occurred which would bring me to this new version of me.

What's different is how much I pushed myself further than I had ever done. I grew stronger in my mind, heart, and soul. I saw myself accomplish things, I never knew I had the ability to see or do. I faced invisible enemies head on and did everything in my power to NEVER GIVE UP in the faith of myself and God.

My creative mind blossomed out of a very dark time in my life. However, this fruit is more beautiful and gives me life from within to create and share even more.

My imagination

It all began with a simple gift of an 'iPad Pencil' given to me from my beautiful daughter. She being an artist herself, gave me the start to my journey of my revealing and vivid imagination that I gave birth to from deep within me. The images speak so deeply from my soul's life experiences. Including both from pain and joy that I have felt. I remember my first steps on my creative journey began with these words...

"What shall I create today?"

Those very words would change my life going forward.

I hope you feel my divine inspiration that I bring to the world now through the medium of Digital Art.

May they bless you and inspire you to seek the child within all of us.

The Creation

i love

Fine Art

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to create

A few children’s short stories that I have written and illustrated.

Some of my favorite creations

How do I choose from so many I have created. I have selected a couple that were profoundly inspiring to me to share with you. So many more can be viewed on my portfolio website above.

Taurian Storm

A Warrior Child

A Tranquil Lake

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Stepping into the REAL ME was one of the hardest paths I have ever taken but has been the most rewarding.

As the saying goes...